Selling: coffin case bass

Here it is, my pretty blue electric bass. Its awesome coffin case, and awesome skull strap. comes with electric tuner and small amp (not pictures.) you will also be getting my sticker of aeon flux's eye, which came with the collectors edition VHS box set, cause its stuck on the back of the bass.

I got the bass one x-mas, never got the lessons. friends have offered lessons, but plans have always fallen through.

Asking 250.00

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other stuff in that folder is still available to buy, make an offer, i'll probably accept it.

best offer

k guys, i really need this stuff gone. make me an offer, im pretty darn flexable right now.


Also for sale, my corset (asking 175 or best offer)
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my long floor length aristocrat skirt Asking 75 (or best offer)

Im only selling these two as they no longer fit, and i am going to use the money from selling them, to buy new ones. skirt is by retroscope, size 14 according to their charts (about a M, i believe they use sewing sizes on the site)

the corset fit great when i was around 34 C bust and 28" waist.
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its pinned up in this pic.
image from the website

PS this is mainly a friends only journal, so pass the word onto anyone who may want these things please!

selling stuff


so i'm selling a bunch of my old clothes. its mainly cause they dont fit since ive lost weight, or i never wear them anymore, despite their awesomeness. I have alot of my old gamer shirts in there from when i worked at gamestop, and my wide leg pants.

pants are size 7

shirts are a ladies small, youth medium, or altered to a ladies small.

asking 5 for shirts, 10 for dresses and pants, 1 for disney lithographs, 5 for the trading cards.


All are OBO, so let me know if you see stuff you want. Also, since this journal is mostly friends only, i would appreciate you forwarding anyone who might be interested over here. i mainly just want it out of my house.


Holiday Card

So, i took tonight off of trivia to finish my holiday card. I knew it wouldnt take too long to do i just needed the time to do it. let me know what you think of it!


like dogs?

Hey, thought iwould throw this out there while i'm thinking of it. I will need a dog sitter Definately for AWA, and most likey for the weekend of dragon con.

for AWA, you can stay in the house, sleep here, eat our food, watch our tv and surf our interwebs to your hearts content, or take the momiji with you to your home, it would be for friday and saturday and most of sunday.

for dragon con, i am looking more for someone to stop in and feed the momiji, but you would be more than welcome to hang out in the house all day and do the same as above. this would be for saturday and sunday.

I would greatly appreciate any friend that would be willing to do this, especially if you aren;t planning to go to one of these events. i can repay you with baked goods, art or other service that you might want. cash is super tight, but if thats the only way you;ll do it, let me know how much you want and i;ll see what i can scrounge up (anyone need a kidney?).


I have been sewing alot, and i have been posting the skirts to sew_loli and egl_sales. But i thought maybe you guys might want to see them too. They are on sale over at my etsy page. feel free to forward that link to anyone who might be interested in buying them!
lolita, rocking horse

all co-ords

So lolita, i have been into it since around 2006 i would guess. I got into it after i moved to GA,a nd my first AWA would have been 2005. I got my first loli dress at AWA, it was probably 2006, and it was a bodyline dress. i still have it and love its h.naoto feel. I decided to post all my lolita pics/outfits in one spot. these aren;t all the coordinates i have worn, but all the ones i have pics of. its a mix and match of meet-up photos, co-ord pics, and sewing pics, since i sew most of my own lolita clothes. I am ignoring alot of the dumb faces i am making, you should too =)

(these are in no particular order)
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